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Seller: V-POINT premium pet food GmbH Flag AT SKIN Aktiv - Premium herbal powder for horses

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V-POINT premium pet food GmbH

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SKIN Aktiv - Premium herbal powder for horses - Premium herbal mixture especially developed to support sweet itch and to stabilize the skin metabolism. Can alleviate sweet itch and provides a shiny, beautiful coat.
SKIN Aktiv contains herbs to calm stressed skin, herbs to strengthen connective tissue, herbs to relieve eczema and herbs to stimulate metabolism and combat blemished skin. The whole combined with vegetables for a very high vitamin and mineral content. Soothing herbal power for your darling! 100% natural product made in Austria.

Feeding instructions:
Horses: up to 50 g per day
Ponies: up to 25 g per day

APPLICATION: Mix the herbal powder dry with the daily feed or moisten with water. Tip: Alternatively, the herbal powder can be prepared briefly with warm water as tea. Use the tea water to soak a mash or to moisten dry food.

NOTE: The mixture can already be fed in spring as a preventive measure. However, please note: feeding herbs never replaces the diagnosis and treatment by the vet in acute cases.

Carrot, marigold blossoms, nettle leaves, pansy, field horsetail, rockrose, birch leaves

Analytical components: crude protein 10.8%, crude fat 2.9%, crude fibre 12.0%, crude ash 9.1%, sodium 0.31

WITHOUT: added salt or sugar, preservatives, colourings, odours or attractants, cereal-free, GMO-free, vegan

You can find further information on www.v-point.at
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