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Seller: Franzi Flag DE Equi Theme Saddle Pad Dressage WB DR blue glitter NEW

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24106 Kiel, Germany

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Equi Theme

Cut: Dressage
Size: Warmblood (L/Full)
Condition: New
Equi Theme Saddle Pad Dressage WB DR blue glitter NEW - The saddle pad was only once on the horse. The blue is too light for me, I bought it online where it was sold as dark blue (no picture). The glitter stones are only on one side.

The gaiters are not for sale and are not part of a set etc!!!!

Shipping possible against assumption of costs.

I would also trade for a dark blue saddle pad in DR WB, but only in the Kiel area +30km.
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Shipping and Handling
Shipment possible on assumption of costs
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